This section will be populated with more or less useful software written by me. Everything here is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

This script calculates bitrates for video files. See the manual for more information about it and why I thought the world (or at least me) needs yet another one of those scripts.

This Python script scans a directory and its subdirectories for media files and creates a playlist in M3U format. See the manual for more information.

Third release of a simple archiver to see if sorting the file names by file name extensions before "tarring" them results in a better compression ratio. It creates standard bzip2 or gzip compressed tar archives -- if one calls GNU tar archives standard.

See the manual for more information.

Calculates the md5 and sha1 checksum of given file(s) in one pass, i.e. the data is read just once. That's noticably faster than calculating them one after another, especially for large files like movies, CD and DVD images. The ouput is compatible with md5sum and sha1sum.

See the manual for more information.

Most programmers place comments that start with TODO, FIXME or XXX at places that need attention and further treatment. This tool extracts such comment lines from files or whole directory trees and prints them together with the file name and line number to stdout.

See the manual for more information.

A little Perl script I wrote as a replacement of the htmlinc tool by Uli Meybohm. The original is available as standalone program for Linux (including sourcecode) and integrated into his HTML editor Phase 5 for Windows.


The script reads (HTML) files and replaces text between special comments with the content of files mentioned in those comments.

Unlike Uli Meybohm's tool this script works recursivly, i.e. if the replaced text contains special comments those will replaced too (and so on).

Such a special comment looks like this:

<!--/INC:""--> replaces the text ("foo") between the comments with the content of the file


For changes take a look at the ChangeLog.

Patch for CSDE 0.1

The C# Development Environment (CSDE) is a (X)Emacs major mode for editing C# source code. Unfortunately it is quite old and doesn't seem to be maintained anymore. Therefore it has some problems to run with recent versions of (X)Emacs (e.g. version 21.4). This patch should fix some of those problems.


The semantic package doesn't provide semantic-mode anymore, so the require in csde-imenu.el had to be changed to just semantic instead.

In csde-dbs.el there where some missing :documentation's which caused compilation failure of this file.

The C# method modifier virtual was missing from the font-lock file.